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Hi I'm Peter,

Digital Product designer

Crafting products that users will value, delivering tangible business benefits, and relying on metrics as the foundation. Presently employed at Sdu.


2020 - Present

Design System Lead at Sdu

2020 - Present

Sr. Product Designer at Sdu

2022 - Present

Founder of the Italiaanse Wijnshop

2017 - 2020

Product Designer at Macaw

2014 - 2017

UX Consultant at Centric

Italiaanse Wijnshop


AI legal and tax research: Faster and more complete

Creating products for business that users will use, delivering business value and based on metrics.

  • Proof of concept, MVP to live version in couple of months
  • Validated user needs and business goals
  • Quick incremental shipping of user value
Work in progress

New Sdu corporate website based on existing design system

The corporate website was redesigned based on the new Sdu branding, powered by a new design system branch and a headless CMS.

  • From design to going live in 6 months
  • Redesign based on new branding and validated with users
  • Design project led by Peter and involved Sdu management
Live since 2023 on

Accessible digital shareholder registry for shareholders and notaries

Transforming the world of notaries by digitalising paper based shareholder registries, a single point of truth for every user.

  • Acquired in 2022 by Sdu and relaunched with a new UX
  • Live in 6 months with MVP features, validated and tested by end users
  • Accessible and manageable by notaries, board and shareholders
Live since 2022

Sdu Design System "Titan" for creating enterprise level product for tax, legal and notarial products.

A shared language and foundation for anyone building products to deliver user value efficiently and consistently.

  • Active development since 2020
  • Foundation of our product platform
  • Used by 10+ products in the Sdu portfolio
Live since 2020

A white label design system for Volkswagen Pon car brands and private lease websites

The experience platforms for the private lease website of Volkswagen Pon were based off a re-usable platform using a tokenised while label design system.

  • Optimise UX and e-commerce from a single platform
  • Used by various group brands such as Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda and SEAT
Live since 2019
A small showcase of my previous work.

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